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RECORDED Sun Plaza Hall (Japan), June 2nd 1983 (live)
PERSONNEL Michael MONROE (vocals), Andy McCOY (guitar), Nasty SUICIDE (guitar), Sam YAFFA (bass), RAZZLE (drums)
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Trade Mark Of Quality TMQ 72106 2LP 198?
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A1. Intro  
A2. Pipeline (CHANTAYS)  
A3. Oriental beat  
A4. Lost in the city  
A5. Lightning bar blues (Hoyt AXTON)  
A6. Cheyenne  
B1. Village girl  
B2. Motorvatin'  
B3. Don't follow me  
B4. Pretender  
B5. 11th Street kids  
B6. TCP (BOYS)  
C1. Don't never leave me  
C2. Tragedy  
C3. Malibu beach nightmare  
C4. M.C. baby  
C5. Taxi driver  
D1. Visitor  
D2. I feel alright (= 1970, by The STOOGES)  
D3. In the year 79 (a.k.a. It's too late)  
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